Sunday, 11 February 2018

Feb 11 - (Bonus) AniRevo Winter 2018

Posted by Keegan Flick-Parker

Geeks versus Nerds Vancouver is making our AniRevo debut at AniRevo: Winter 2018! We'll be there Sunday, February 11, 4pm-5pm at Room 246 at the con (LaSalle College - 2665 Renfrew Street.)

In this special bonus episode, we'll be pitting powerful pocket monsters against either other - it's Pokémon vs Digimon... Which monsters are the greatest battle-ready buddies?

Team Pokémon (Geeks): Andrew Lynch, Jesse Inocalla, Asher Wong
Team Digimon (Nerds): Nick Drake, Katlin Long, Alecia Noel

About Geeks versus Nerds...

For years, Geeks versus Nerds has been settling arguments that no one else has the guts, tenacity or interest to investigate. Two teams go head-to-head in a hilarious showdown of facts, obscure knowledge, and trash talk - and you, the audience, decide who wins!

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