PigMonkey Andrew Dorfman - Host/Producer/Casting Director

PigMonkey has searched the world over for the perfect job to fit his personality. He eventually settled on Smart Ass. The major problem he found with this title was that most people did not want to pay him to be a Smart Ass. In fact, he quickly realized the world was actually very much opposed to his life plan. Gainful employment in the field proved to be elusive. Rather than give up on his chosen calling, he resolved to find a way to make it work. Thus Geeksploitation was formed. PigMonkey is an amateur cartoonist, humorist, comedian, musician, and human being. He currently spends half of his time living in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the rest of the time in a magical world of his own creation.

Email: pigmonkey@geeksversusnerds.com

John Roy - Production Manager

John Roy, the man with two first names, originally sparked his interest for managing live entertainment whilst living in London, England for 5 years. He helped to promote and manage many UK acts such as: Fruit Machine Blues, Karma Clay, Nathan Persad, FoxFest, and Kooba Radio. A founding member of Geeksploitation Entertainment & residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia... John Roy makes sure the geek-ball keeps rolling.

Email: johnroy@geeksversusnerds.com

Matt FitzGerald-Chamberlain - Technical Director

Matt is the cyborg addition to the team - he always has some sort of electronics on him at all time. He has a passion for all things tech - from stage lighting and sound, to recording, to software development, technology gives him goosebumps of joy. He has a degree in Computer Science from Dalhousie University. Matt met the Geeks versus Nerds folks when they started at the Grawood, and has been hooked ever since.

Email: matt@geeksversusnerds.com

Tina Blenkhorn - Sales

Drawn into the world of geekdom at a young age by her sister (Sarah Jane "Danger" Blenkhorn) Christina hovered on the sidelines, cheering mightily as Boba took on Batman, Iron Man faced off against Optimus Prime and Chewbacca and Worf demonstrated how to enforce order on a star ship. She took to the stage to defend the Roadrunner against the young upstart Sonic. She's only seen 3 Star Trek movies and wishes that she'd only seen 3 Star Wars movies, (but giggles madly if she catches the final fight scene in Revenge of the Sith) she's waiting for a chance to redeem H.P. Lovecraft. Cthuhlu Fthagn. "Shut up and give me your money!"

Email: sales@geeksversusnerds.com

Larry Gent - Magazine Editor/2-Minute Debate Host

Y'all can try to be the King but the Ace is back.

Larry Gent is a Dr. Dre quoting man of math and numbers. He likes some number (42) and loathes others (26), then there are the numbers he really likes...I mean LIKES, LIKES (3.14159 26535 89793).

This author and drinker (they always seem to go hand in hand) can name every battle, every soldier and every war....for numerous fictional universes. He is a member of the Kirkman army (the non-zombie divisions), the Brian K. Vaughn brigade, the N7 Spectres, TARDIS repair-men (it's like a VCR repair man you just see the ending of the movie first) all while trying to get a passport for Faerun and re-negotiating with George Lucas to get use of the soul he sold him many years back (or at least the merchandising rights).

Larry is often seen at the government offices fighting for his back-pay for his years as Batman. This writer/drinker, who holds the GVN record for longest undefeated streak, can be seen on stage, sometimes with clothes on, and at his review site 42webs.com.

Email: larry@geeksversusnerds.com

Val Gent - Production Coordinator

This Acadian-Quebecian half-breed began her geek foray at a young age with old Spiderman comics and French reruns of Astroboy. From then on she went through school basing every project, from art to English, on geek topics, a trend that reached its apex in university where she wrote a 10 page essay on Battle Royale. Now a MSVU graduate with a Bachelor's degree in advance English (which gives her a license to say THEE and THOU in everyday speech) she work for the government doing shadowy clerical stuff, like filing explosive pen requisition forms and making killer spread-sheets. She is married to the Man in the Hat, Larry Gent, which as far as she concerned keeping him from hurting himself is her true full time job since he believes himself to be Batman (she's had way too many homemade bat-arang incidents).

Email: valerie@geeksversusnerds.com

Tristan Healy - Stage Director

Tristan is the newcomer to the team, having stepped into the director's shoes at the end of the fifth season. After spending twenty years involved in online fandom, he has learned to focus his passion for all things geeky into a laser beam of nerdrage and excessive verbiage -- seriously, get him starting about Super Sentai and he will. not. shut. up. (And it will be far too fast for most people to follow. He apologises in advance for making you ask him to repeat himself.)

And no, he won't tell you where to find his fanfiction.

Email: tristan@geeksversusnerds.com

Ashley King - Video Production Director

As our Video Production Director/Producer, Ashley King brings his 15 years’ experience of video production and marketing to Geeksploitation. Thursday night treats as a young lad combined teatime spaghetti covered in ketchup and Star Trek, hiding behind the sofa from the Daleks and obsessions with Gerry Anderson puppets. His present goal at GvN is transitioning the 45 minute live debate show from an electric stage show and hilarious audio podcast into an entertaining and successful 24 minute broadcast television show.

Email: ashley@geeksversusnerds.com

Kimberly Hansing - Graphic Designer

Kimberly Hansing was born in Tennessee at a very young age, and she is not dead yet. She lives vicariously through herself and knows the difference between your and you're, but she won't lord it over you. She is violently attached to the Tenth Doctor's eyebrows (and also his freckle named Basil), AdventureTime, Scrabble and cheese. She is a Certified Trivia Goddess who DJs live team trivia. Her top Geek Outs include Doctor Who, Firefly/Serenity, Star Trek (all of them) and Sherlock. She's knitting a Jayne Hat RIGHT NOW. 

About Geeksploitation

Geeksploitation is a production company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Our aim is to create and distribute quality geek-oriented entertainment to the masses. Our first endeavour has been Geeks versus Nerds, now two comedy-style debate shows performed and recorded live in Halifax and Vancouver.

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