Below you will find a list of all the matches we have completed. Hover over the "winner" column to reveal the winner of the match-up.

  Matchup Winner Status of Recording
105 Hydra versus Deatheaters Deatheaters In Post
104 Mickey Mouse versus Mario Mickey Mouse In Post
103 Grunkle Stan versus Uncle Fester Uncle Fester Released
102 Black Magic versus Superscience Black Magic Released
101 Gannondorf versus Queen Beryl Gannondorf Released
100 TMNT versus The Ghostbusters TMNT In Post
99 Ramona Flowers versus Archie Andrews Ramona Flowers In Post
98 Aquaman versus Peter Pan Aquaman Released
97 Starscream versus Lando Calrissian Starscream Released
96 Popeye versus Captain Jack Sparrow Popeye In Post
95 Crowley versus Rumplestiltskin Crowley In Post
94 Guardians of the Galaxy versus Serenity Guardians of the Galaxy In Post
93 Monsters versus Aliens Aliens Released
92 Archer versus Bender Bender Released
91 Daryl Dixon versus Green Arrow Green Arrow Released
90 Eric Cartman versus Dr. Sheldon Cooper Eric Cartman Released
89 Jay & Silent Bob versus Trailer Park Boys Jay & Silent Bob In Post
88 Spiderman versus The Doctor The Doctor Released
87 Luke Skywalker versus Link Link Released
86 Sailor Moon versus Buffy Buffy In Post
85 Ash Williams versus the Tick! The Tick! Released
84 Pirates vs Ninjas Pirates Released
83 Rocket Racoon vs Wile E. Coyote Rocket Raccoon Released
82 Darth Vader versus Doctor Doom Doctor Doom Released
81 Mulder and Scully versus Sam and Dean Winchester Mulder and Scully Released
80 Wash versus Starbuck Wash Released
79 Mary Poppins versus Brock Samson Mary Poppins Released
78 Katniss Everdeen versus Kermit the Frog Katniss Everdeen Released
77 Zap Branigan versus Zaphod Beeblebrox versus Pants Pants Released
76 The Flash versus The Doctor The Flash Released
75 Santa Claus versus Superman Santa Claus Released
74 Borg versus Daleks Daleks Released
73 Kaylee versus Scotty Scotty Released
72 MIB versus SHIELD SHIELD Released
71 Wicked Witch of the West versus Maleficent Wicked Witch of the West Released
70 Captain Jack Harkness versus Captain Kirk Captain Kirk Released
69 Sunnydale Scoobies versus Mystery Inc. Sunnydale Scoobies Released
68 Obi-Wan versus Samurai Jack Obi-Wan Released
67 Judge Dredd versus Robocop Judge Dredd Released
66 She-Ra versus Xena Xena Released
65 Professor McGonagall versus Miss Frizzle Miss Frizzle Released
64 Godzilla versus Cthulu Godzilla Released
63 Alfred versus Watson Watson Released
62 MAD versus Cobra MAD Released
61 He-Man versus Thor He-Man Released
60 Daffy versus Deadpool Daffy Released
59 Philip J. Fry versus Marty McFly Marty McFly Released
58 Batman versus Bond Batman Released
57 Scrooge McDuck versus Mr Burns Scrooge McDuck Released
56 Star Wars versus Star Trek Star Trek Released
55 Green Lantern Corps versus Jedi Knights Green Lantern Corps Released
54 Sunnydale versus Gotham Gotham Released
53 Harry Potter versus Aang Aang Released
52 Pikachu versus Nibbler Nibbler Released
51 Cylons versus Terminators Cylons Released
50 Dobby versus Gollum Dobby Released
49 Zelda versus Leia Zelda Released
48 River Tam versus Harley Quinn Harley Quinn Released
47 Captain Picard versus Admiral Adama Captain Picard Released
46 Marvin the Paranoid Android versus C-3PO C-3PO Released
45 Conan versus Captain America Captain America Released
44 Robin versus Luigi Luigi Released
43 The Gargoyles versus The Ninja Turtles The Ninja Turtles Released
42 Doctor Who versus Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes Released
41 Yoda versus Dumbledore Yoda Released
40 Hellboy versus Wolverine Wolverine Released
39 Zombies versus Unicorns Unicorns Released
38 Darth Vader versus Spock Spock Released
37 Homer Simpson versus Peter Griffin Peter Griffin Released
36 Godzilla versus Cthulu Godzilla N/A
35 Pinky & the Brain versus Invader Zim and GIR Pinky & the Brain N/A
34 Sailor Scouts versus Power Rangers Sailor Scouts Released
33 The Punisher versus Dexter The Punisher Released
32 Anakin Skywalker versus Wesley Crusher Anakin Skywalker Released
31 Xaviers Academy versus Hogwarts Academy Xaviers Academy Released
30 Richard Castle versus Jessica Fletcher Richard Castle Released
29 Astroboy versus Megaman Megaman Released
28 Josie & the Pussycats versus Jem & the Holograms Jem & the Holograms Released
27 Alice versus Dorothy Gale Dorothy Gale Released
26 Jayne Cobb versus Teal'c Jayne Cobb Released
25 Sonic the Hedgehog versus The Roadrunner Sonic the Hedgehog Released
24 Peanuts versus South Park Peanuts Released
23 Batman versus Boba Fett Boba Fett Released
22 Bugs Bunny versus The Incredible Hulk Bugs Bunny Unreleased
21 Redshirts versus Stormtroopers Redshirts N/A
20 Malcolm Reynolds versus Han Solo Malcolm Reynolds Released
19 Darth Vader versus Spock Darth Vader N/A
18 Chucky versus Pennywise Pennywise Released
17 Spawn versus Crow Spawn Unreleased
16 Smurfs versus Fraggles Fraggles Released
15 Buffy Summers versus Blade Buffy Summers Released
14 John McClane versus Martin Riggs Martin Riggs Released
13 Legolas versus Link Link Unreleased
12 Sarah Connor versus Ellen Ripley Ellen Ripley Released
11 The Joker versus Hannibal Lecter The Joker N/A
10 MacGyver versus The A-Team MacGyver Released
9 Indiana Jones versus Lara Croft Indiana Jones Released
8 Hermione Granger versus Willow Rosenberg Willow Rosenberg Released
7 Edward Cullen versus Angel Angel Released
6 Mr Miyagi versus Splinter Splinter Released
5 Worf versus Chewbacca Chewbacca Released
4 Dr Evil versus Darkhelmet Darkhelmet Unreleased
3 Optimus Prime versus Iron Man Optimus Prime Released
2 Mystery Inc. versus The Ghostbusters The Ghostbusters Unreleased
1 Batman versus Boba Fett Batman N/A

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