Geeks versus Nerds Halifax

Geeks versus Nerds (GvN) is the debate-style comedy show that explores topics that no one else has the "guts, tenacity, or interest to debate".

What started as a living room podcast hosted by Andrew "Pigmonkey" Dorfman, GvN has grown into the award winning comedy night and podcast fans know and love.

Geeks versus Nerds Halifax (GvNH) holds eight placements on The Coast's Best Of Awards list, including gold and silver showings for Best Comedy Night and Best Podcast four years running. When you couple those awards with the die-hard audience, it's easy to see why the devoted cast and crew of GvN love what they do. While its roots are in the likes of Captain Kirk and Iron Man the show’s broad appeal lies in its pop culture references, audience participation, and a wide range of passionate cast members.

Geeks versus Nerds takes the arguments we’ve all had over comic book racks and around gaming tables, and turns them into organized debates. We bring these and many more arguments to the light, and let the masses determine the victors! We are currently travelling our show, and many others, to cons in the east coast of Canada.
The Crew
Lord High Pigmonkey (Host & Casting Director)

John Roy (Production Manager)

Heather Rycroft (Production Coordinator)

Jennifer Ryan (Communications Director)

Catherine Chapman (Public Relations)

Paula Sepp (Sales Manager)

Project Manager (Trevor Batson)

Kimberly Hansing (Graphic Designer)

Lenny Langton (Technical Director)