Geeks versus Nerds Vancouver

Each month at Geeks versus Nerds Vancouver (GvNV), we pit two teams of three pop culture afficianados against each other to answer those questions that no one else as the guts, tenacity, or interest to investigate. The object of the show is simple: secure the title for your team's candidate using facts, obscure knowledge, and trash-talk.

"Bugs Bunny personally sold 1.5 billion dollars in war bonds. That's enough to buy 29,411 P-51 Mustang Bombers; 17,647 P-47 Thunderbolt Bombers; or 187 Sumner Class Navy Destroyers... that's a metric f**kload of fire power!" -Andrew Lynch
Every two hour show features two debates: The Opener - typically featuring more niche or obscure characters (eg. Aquaman vs John Carter) and The Headliner - typically featuring pop culture heavy hitters (eg. Gandalf vs Yoda). At the end of each debate, your cheers decide the winner!

If you can't make it to our live shows, fear not! We release all our shows online as podcasts (through iTunes and our Debates & Podcasts page). Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on all the latest events, contests, and uploads!

"John Carter is on a pedastal. Aquaman is openly mocked. He can stay hydrated on land because everyone is always spitting on him." -Tarrah Tanaka
The Crew
Andrew Lynch (Producer)

Chris "MooMan" Nyarady (Executive Producer & Host)

Geneviève Bolduc (Production Manager)

Adam "JigglyDuff" Duff (Finance Manager)

Nick Drake (Casting Director)

Beni Spieler (Community Manager)

Lindsay Braynen (Promotions Manager)

Casey Por (Audio & Director)